The Saysettha District Development in Vientiane, Laos, is a large-scale project focused on creating a modern urban center within the capital city. Here’s a breakdown of its geographical aspects:
• Location: Situated northwest of the existing Vientiane downtown area, it’s still considered central to the expanding city [1, 2].
• Size: The development zone covers a substantial 1,000 hectares (approximately 10 square kilometers) [2, 3].
• Proximity: Key landmarks nearby include the Sea Games complex and a golf course, highlighting its potential for leisure and recreation [3].
• Accessibility: The zone boasts good connectivity with major transportation routes. Highway 13 South, Route 3, and Route 450 are all planned for access, with the latter offering a direct connection to the Laos-China railway station [3].
• Development Vision: Envisioned as a multi-functional zone, it incorporates various elements:
o Vientiane Industrial Ecological New City: A focus on sustainable and modern industrial development [4].
o International Capacity Cooperation Bearing Area: Fostering international trade and collaboration [4].
o China-Laos Cooperative Development Demonstration Area: A space for joint ventures between the two countries [4].
o Vientiane New City Core Area: Aimed at becoming the heart of the new urban center [4].
o Harmony Habitat: Prioritizing a balance between development and green spaces for a livable environment [4].
Overall, the Saysettha District Development represents a significant undertaking to transform Vientiane into a modern economic and social hub while offering a blend of industry, commerce, and green spaces.

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