Construction of Brand New Golf Course at the Thatluang Special Economic Zone kicked off.

Construction of Brand New Golf Course at the Thatluang Special Economic Zone kicked off.

Deputy Prime Minister Kikeo Khaykhamphithoune, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Mr. Khamchanh Vongseanboon, Vice Mayor of Vientiane, Mr. Bounkhong Bannavong, and MBE Designer and Chairman of Faldo Design, Mr. Nick Faldo and relevant officials witnessed the signing ceremony.


Chair of the That Luang SEZ Management Board, Mr. Huang Guo Ping said that the 18-hole golf course design project It is an important factor in the development of our special economic zone.

Thatluang Lake SEZ is about to create a world-class brand golf course designed by Nick Faldo level designers, empowering the Thatluang Lake SEZ, for companies settling in the Special Economic Zone, in addition to providing an excellent, comfortable, and convenient office environment.

It also provides a high-end social activity venue for exercising and cultivating character, making the Thatluang Lake SEZ the most ideal place for international companies to invest in Laos for living,

The Thatluang Lake SEZ will inevitably become the industry centre for tourism, business, entertainment and leisure in the Pan Asian Economic Circle in the future.

Mr. Sonepasert Dalavong, Head of Special Economic Zone Promotion and Management Office said that the Thatluang Lake SEZ is one of the 21 special economic zones and one of the 5 special economic zones located in the center of Vientiane which received special priority according to the government policy established on December 28, 2011.

According to the contract signed by the government with Shanghai China Real Estate Company Limited, a foreign private company holding 100% shares, with a concession life of 99 years.

The project area is 365 hectares. The goal of the development of the project is to create an economic zone with facilities to support investors, legal entities and individuals both domestically and internationally.

Reference by Khaosan Pathet Lao (KPL).

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