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The visitors visit our website is increasing day by day and the more opportunity for customer to see your properties or see your advertising with us. Now it is time for us to charge for advertising.

There are two types of advertising:

  1. Advertising your properties:

Under advertising there are two options:

  • You register yourself, subscribe membership and start to create a property list with us starter package for free
  • You use us to list for you or use our Personal Listing Assistance: Use our support for listing under your direct contacts:

If you are too busy to handle for all processing: registration, creating your profile, membership package, list for you in 3 languages (English, Lao, and Chinese), leave all to us to handle it for you. All under your email and phone so that the customer will contact you directly for queries. Our service fee is as below:

  1. We register and create your public profile for you for free
  2. We list for you 1 property for 200,000 kip
  • The second property is 300.000 kip for two properties listings
  1. While the 3rd property onward is 100,000 kip per property for listing handling for you.

Remark: Membership subscription is not included

  • Advertising by using RentsBuy contact: Our fee is 100,000kip per listing 3 languages translation in condition that the seller provide us the needed photography and property information
  • We also help you boost property for urgent sale on to the target market
    1. Boosting property post on social media, our handling fee is 200,000 kip per time
    2. Place your properties in more visible part called “featured” 250,000 kip per month per property
  • Placing Ads “Land for sale/ House for sale…” at the ideal location where you want to advertise. We make the sign and install the sign for you using agent’s contact and using seller’s contact. Contact us for more information
  1. Advertising your product/service ads on our website (Priority Ads)

Just let us know where you want your advertising to be on

  • Side bar on property page
  • Side bar on article page
  • Header or footer
  • And Etc., we can discuss more

Send us information with photos of properties that you wish to list with us or any query? contact us Call/WhatsApp: 020 23333347 or email us at

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