ID: 3596 - A villa on 2 floors, called Swiss Chalet is for sale $408/sqm

A villa on 2 floors, called Swiss Chalet, is for sale. Previously named Houaphou Restaurant is located near the market in Oudomsouk Village, Nakai District Town in Khammouane Province. The ground floor (121 m2) includes 3 bed rooms and 3 bath rooms, 2 store rooms and kitchen room. The second floor (121 m2) is a large dining and living room with a kitchen room, 2 toilet rooms and an outdoor terrace. The ground floor is in stone masonry built and the second floor is totally wood constructed. The villa is clear water (underground water) supplied by an immerged pump located in a borehole.  A land of 200 m2 is available on the backyard.
The road from Thakhek to Oudomsouk is curving along a spectacular view of Limestone Mountains offering the possibility to visit several caves. There are also several hydraulic structures (NTPC). Oudomsouk is the entrance of a large plateau totally flooded during the raining season offering the spectacular view of a large and wild lake. Several resettlement villages were installed along the road build on the edge of the lake. This road to Lak Sao has been rebuilt including a gigantic bridge crossing the narrowest part of the lake. The famous touristic Konglor cave is now accessible from Oudomsouk at Nakai Tai resettlement village.
The sale price is 130,000 USD for unfurnished and no equipped villa

General Amenities
Interior Amenities
Exterior Amenities

Beds: 3
Baths: 3
M2: 319
Available Date:
01 Khammuan
Thakek, Khammuan
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Sale Type: For Sale
Ref #: 3596
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