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Realtor in Vientiane

With its competitive local network, RentsBuy provides one-door services in Lao PDR as follows:

Real estate services:

  1. Renting, buying and selling:
    The increasing of the listings on our web is a good indicator of our hard work and extensive local knowledge to assist you efficiently in renting, sale, and purchase of properties throughout Laos.
  2. Ownership Transfer:
    We also help you in ownership transferring. You sell a plot of land and need to transfer the ownership to the buyer faster or you have temporary land title and you want to have a permanent land title. We can advise and help you out. Leave the job with us, we will handle the rest. It can be done within 2 weeks' time.
  3. Valuation Services (Transfer to LaoValue firm which approved by Lao Central Bank)
    The RentsBuy team led by a professional foreign consultant who has more than 20 years in related experience employed by World Bank Projects (e.g., Land Titling Projects) in Laos, government agencies, and investors. An international standard property valuation report with internationally recognized will be produced for your valuable investment project. We are committed to adhere to high professional standards and confidentiality of all assignments. Recently, valuation reports of one five- star hotel in city of Vientiane, a vacant land for factory of multinational soft drink company and Dongphosy Specific Economic Zone were made.
    • Recently we also cooperate with the reputable Top Thai Valuation Company, for capturing Lao market for proeprty valuation such as: Land, commercial building, villa, machinery, equitments as well as industry proeprties and we have official established a new firm called "LaoValue Property Valuation"
  4. Foreign ownership consultancy: 
    You are a foreign and wish to own a dream home in Laos; we have a secured solution for you.
  5. Land concession: Land concession for ago-industry, commercial, industrial and residential property.
  6. Property Consultancy, and Market Research:
    service mind laosRentsBuy is co-operating with two professionals with international degree who help property developers to analyze the market opportunity and risk, before the actual investment.

  7. Property Management (Commerical and residential): 

    Award winning consultancy, Rentsbuy Property offers you turnkey management and marketing solutions for your property. We believe we have the expertise and resources for your business to succeed in all aspects to become an esteemed investment internationally. Your property is a valuable asset that will prosper with a highly skilled and experienced management team that fully understands the challenges of the real estate industry and is equipped to resolve revenue and operational issues and enhance all aspects of service primarily:

    - Administrative management
    - Amenities Management
    - Revenue management
    - Customer Relations
    - 24-hour security
    Leave it with us to handle!

  8.  Property Renovation and Maintenance Service:
    RentsBuy is partnership with property developer and contractor to help you fix your house problems.

Our network consists of highly experienced professionals.  Apart from real estate services, some of them are freelance with oversea graduation and have excellent knowledge on local practice and how to protect lawful rights and interests of clients.